Eye Networks Partner Gathering 2017: The Home Network 2025

The 2017 partner gathering is over, but the presentations from day 1 can be viewed on video and downloaded from here.

Watch videos and download presentations

SpeakerWatch videoDownload presentation
Professor Josef Noll, UiOChallenges for the Home Service ProvidersChallenges for the Home Service Providers (PDF)
Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye NetworksThe Home Network 2025: WelcomeThe Home Network 2025: Welcome (PDF)
Nard Schreurs, IKT-NorgeHealth as a ResourceHealth as a Resource (PDF)
Simen Evensen Breen, SANDSGDPR: Privacy – a new landscape in 2018 (in Norwegian)Personvern – nytt landskap i 2018 (PDF)
Zvika Haas, AirTiesHow Waoo! Made Premium Wi-Fi Part of Denmark’s Best Internet Offering How Waoo! Made Premium Wi-Fi Part of Denmark’s Best Internet Offering (PDF)
Vincent Tellier, StingrayMachine learning and laser against salmon lice (in Norwegian)Laser mot lakselus (PDF)
Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh, Eye NetworksVisualizing Data Using Elastic StackVisualizing Data Using Elastic Stack (PDF)
Gaute EspelandFrom start house to smart house in 30 minutes (in Norwegian)Fra starthus til smarthus på 30 minutter (PDF)
Balint Szente, KalosIntegrity by Default–Designing for Privacy and Security in the Internet of ThingsIntegrity by Default (PDF)

Invitation and program: The Home Network 2025

What do welfare technology, smart homes, salmon lice and big data, security and IoT and wifi as a service have to do with each other? You will learn about all of them – and much more – at the Eye Networks 2017 partner gathering!

Norway is being digitized and the internet is changing. Norwegian network providers are important players in innovation and development of new services for citizens and society.

We at Eye Networks are happy and proud to invite customers, partners and other network professionals to this year’s partner gathering.

The program features sharp minds with a lot to share–insight into new technologies and business models, challenges to solving new problems, or finding new solutions to old problems.

You will also find social interaction, practical advice and experiences and plenty of time to discuss with industry colleagues, leaders and suppliers between the games and after the main program on the first day.

Participation is completely free.

We look forward to seeing you!

Program day 1

09.00Registration and mingling. Coffee!
09.30Professor Josef Noll, UiOChallenges to the industry
Professor Josef Noll, UiO. Josef is a specialist in wireless and mobile networks and security, employed by the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. Advocates for public Internet access as head of the Basic Internet Foundation . Also heads up the research project IoTSec-Security in IoT for Smart Grids.
10:00Welcome to the partner gathering! The home network towards 2025
Jan Pedro Tumusok, CEO and founder of Eye Networks
10.45Nard Schreurs, IKT-NorgeHealth at home!
Nard Schreurs , director of eHealth and smart tech in IKT-Norway and responsible for EHiN (EHealth in Norway), Norway’s largest conference on digitization of the health and care sector.
11.30Simen Evensen Breen, SANDSPrivacy and data processing for ISPs – new everyday life from 2018
Simen Evensen Breen , law firm SANDS. SANDS specializes in privacy and rights issues for the technology industry.
13.00Vincent Tellier, StingrayLearn from the salmon – about big data and machine learning
Vincent Tellier , software engineer at Stingray
13.30Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh, Eye NetworksELK – search, analyze and visualize data in real time
Maghsoud Morshedi , business PhD candidate, Eye Networks and UiO
14.00Future quiz
14.30Break and exhibition – meet the suppliers!
15.00Wi-Fi as a Service – part of Denmark’s best internet
Peter Bernard Kummerfeldt , Senior Business Developer, Waoo!
15.30Gaute EspelandFrom starter house to smart house – home automation here and now.
Gaute Espeland , IT manager, speaker and co-founder of the forum hjemeautomasjon.no . Gaute was also a finalist in “Norway’s smartest home” 2016: Read / see reportage
16.15Codename Cottage Cheese: Unveiling a new project
Linda Firveld, head of business development at Eye Networks
16.30Balint Szente, Kalos Information SystemsIntegrity by Defaultabout designing for security and privacy in the Internet of Things
Balint Szente, IoT security expert and project manager in team Cottage Cheese. Balint also has a background in the anti-malware industry.
17:15Wrap-up day 1
Exhibition, mingling, refreshments

Program day 2: Focus on wifi and EyeSaaS

09.30 Welcome to Day 2! We have coffee.
09.35 AirTies smart wifi community open mic / ten talks
Wifi and market experiences from Enivest, Eidsiva and other customers and partners.
10.40 Break
11.00Geir Arne Rimala, Eye NetworksThe home network 2025 – end to end
Geir Arne Rimala, Eye Networks CTO
11.30Jorunn D. Newth, Eye NetworksA smarter community – about the Wifi central and other knowledge sharing
Jorunn D. Newth, information architect at Eye Networks
11.45EyeSaaS roadmap: What’s coming in EyeSaaS, where does the road go next?
Linda Firveld, product manager in EyeSaaS and head of business development in Eye Networks
12.00Zvika Haas, AirTiesAirTies wifi roadmap, wifi market data and opportunities.
Zvika Haas, Marketing Director of AirTies
12.35 Wrap up day 2
12.45Lunch with birthday cake for wifi (20 years this year!)


It has been confirmed that representatives of AirTies and CTS will be present at the trade days.

What is the Eye Networks partner gathering?

Every spring, we at Eye Networks invite network professionals and other sharp minds from home and abroad to a professional and social gathering around current topics.

The 2017 partner gathering took place at Månefisken, Oslo April 24-25.