Zyxel MPro Mesh delivered by Eye Networks

One size does not fit all, and the Zyxel product portfolio supports the incredibly wide range of user needs and deployment scenarios that broadband service providers deal with. MPro Mesh makes this same flexibility available for wifi and mesh networks.

As a service provider, you can build your pool of devices that meet the requirements of your customer base. All Zyxel CPEs come with their own operating system OPAL, which simplifies the standardization of configurations across models and versions.

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)


TR-069, TR-098, and TR-181

Alle Zyxel MPro Mesh devices in our portfolio support the latest industry standards for wifi, mesh, and device administration.

All models also support EyeSaaS Pearl, Carat, and Nuggets right out of the box.

MPro Mesh-app for Android og iOS

Using the MPro Mesh appen the end user can perform simple network administration and troubleshooting tasks, such as changing the SSID and password, setting up a guest network, and seeing the link quality between mesh nodes.

MPro Mesh App Logo

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