Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and the environment are foundational to our actions, partnerships, and commercial products and services at Eye Networks
Long term commitment, good planning, knowledge, and communication will allow us to contribute to reaching the UN's sustainability goals together, and upholding our environmental policy.
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We offer refurbishment as a service for a range of our products. Refurbishment means taking used devices and making them as good as new. This saves both on cost and on the environment. Refurbishment applies only to functional devices. Defective devices are safely disposed of in a regulation-compliant manner.
You can read more about our refurbishment services in Telecomshop.
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We use as environmentally friendly shipping options as possible: Orders from vendors abroad are mostly shipped by sea, and we avoid air freight in most cases. For local deliveries in the Oslo area, we use the delivery service Dønn Grønn, that uses only electrical vehicles. The most sustainable delivery options require time and planning. From February 1, 2021 we apply an environmental fee to CPEs and access points not forecasted or ordered at least 3 months in advance. We look to reward customers making more sustainable choices.
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Eye Networks is a paperless business. We rely on digitized processes and communication as far as at all possible, internally as well as externally. We minimize production of paper-based documentation, and our marketing material is generally in digital formats and made to be reused and repurposed by our customers.

Our Environmental Policy

Our goal is to secure operations that are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. This includes the delivery of our products and services. We do this by:

Seeing environmental concerns as a natural and integrated part of our operations

Complying with environmental rules and regulations from public authorities

Identifying and reducing possible sources of pollution

Working to minimize our use of consumables

Being competent in and up to date on environmentally friendly solutions

Continuously maintaining and improving our performance in this field

Our annual environmental report is available on request.

UN Sustainability Goals

The UN's 17 sustainability goals were made to create a better and more sustainable future for all. It addresses global challenges connected to poverty and inequality, climate and the environment, prosperity, peace and justice. At Eye Networks we have chosen these four sustainability goals as our focus:

Quality Education: Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

Gender Equality: Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Investments in infrastructure are crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Responsible Consumption and Production: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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