Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and respect for the environment are at the core of our actions, partnerships, and commercial products and services in Eye Networks.

With a long-term perspective, good planning, knowledge and communication, we will follow our environmental policy and together contribute to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Refresh reuse: Refurbishment services from Eye Networks


We offer refurbishment as a service for a number of our products. This means that we take used devices and make them virtually as good as new products. This saves both costs and the environment.

Refurbishment applies to functional units. Devices that turn out not to be functional are handled safely as electronic waste.

Read more about our refurbishment services

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We use environmentally friendly shipping options as far as possible: Shipments from abroad are mainly by boat, and we avoid air freight in most cases. In the Oslo area, we use the delivery service Dønn Grønn, which uses exclusively electric vehicles.

More sustainable shipping options require time and planning. We have an environmental fee for CPEs that are not ordered or forecasted at least 3 months in advance. Thus we reward customers who shop more sustainably.

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Eye Networks is a paperless business.

We rely as much as possible on digitized processes and digital communication, internally and externally.

We produce a minimum of paper-based documentation, and our marketing material is primarily digital and designed for reuse by our customers.

Our Environmental Policy

Our goal is to ensure the most environmentally friendly and sustainable operation possible, including the delivery of our products and services.

We do this by:

Considering the environment

as a natural and integrated part of the business

Satisfying environmental requirements

and regulations from public authorities

Identifying and reducing

possible sources of contamination

Striving for minimal use

of consumables.

Possessing competence

and up to date knowledge on environmentally friendly solutions

Continuously maintaining

and improving our environmental performance

Our annual report on environmental and climate report is available on request.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals were created to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone and address global challenges around poverty and inequality, climate and environment, prosperity, peace and justice. At Eye Networks, we have chosen to focus on these four sustainability goals:

Good education

Acquiring a good education is the basis for improving people’s lives and ensuring sustainable development.


Equality is not only a basic human right, but a necessary basis for a peaceful, well-functioning and sustainable world.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Investments in infrastructure are essential to achieve sustainable development.

Responsible production and consumption

By raising awareness of responsible production and consumption, a circle is formed that ensures sustainable development.

Eye Networks AS is a certified Eco-lighthouse

Eye Networks is a certified Eco-Lighthouse and a member of Green Dot Norway