About Eye Networks AS

Knowledge, infrastructure, and insight

Who are our customers?

Our customers are quality conscious, knowledge based service providers who keep one eye on today’s network and the other on the needs for tomorrow. They are demanding, and we like that! We work in close collaboration with both vendors and customers.

Most of our customers are Norwegian internet service providers or installation companies, but the number of industry customers outside of Norway is growing, and so is the number of customers who are not traditional telecom companies.

We also have a business unit that provides commercial services for aid projects.

What do we do for our customers?

We deliver handpicked network solutions: Products and services from leading suppliers such as eero, Zyxel, CTS, and Axiros.

Our goal is to deliver solutions and expertise that save you resources and headaches over time, and that allow you to deliver good, consistent user experiences to your customers.

We have a standard portfolio of products, but can also provide other products and solutions when needed. We like to problem solve–get in touch and tell us what you need done, and we’ll be on the case to find the right solution for you!

You can read more about our partners and knowledge networkhere.

Every spring we gather customers, vendors and others from this network to Shared Insights, a social and professional get-together focused on exchanging knowledge and experiences, an event we all appreciate greatly.

EyeSaaS is our suite of cloud services for ISPs in Norway and internationally, which we develop and deliver in cooperation with leading international communities.