Wifi Solutions From Eye Networks

Hand-picked products, quality-controlled configurations and the market’s best management and analysis tools–this is how you give your customers the best Wi-Fi experiences.

Large and small ISPs throughout Norway and the Nordics have chosen wifi solutions from Eye Networks.

ISPs and other telecom companies can order products and services directly from us. Contact us at sales@eyenetworks.no to be registered as a customer.

Consumers and small businesses in Norway can order from us directly using dinwifi.no – or get in touch with your internet service provider and ask what they can offer you!

Our Wifi Solutions

Zyxel MPro Mesh: Total Control Using The Latest Standards

Image of a house with three overlapping mesh zones. Zyxel logo, Eye Networks logo, images of gateway EX5601-T0 and access point WX5600-T0

Zyxel’s portfolio of fiber gateways and mesh access points supports the latest industry standards and provides a solid and flexible starting point for wireless networks in homes large and small. We carry both standalone access points and gateways in the MPro Mesh series, all of which support Wi-Fi 6, EasyMesh and TR-069/TR-181 for management.
Zyxel MPro Mesh delivered by Eye Networks

eero for Service Providers: A Seamless Package

Eye Networks distributes eero for Service Providers in the Nordic countries

eero for Service Providers is a package solution that includes eero wifi mesh, the ISP tool eero Insight for administration and analysis as well as end-user services Secure and eero Plus.

The hardware in our portfolio is eero 6 and eero Pro 6, both of which have eero’s TrueMesh technology and Wi-Fi 6 support.

eero for Service Providers delivered by Eye Networks

Works With EyeSaaS Right Out Of The Box

All Zyxel MPro Mesh products are delivered fully configured and with support for the services EyeSaaS Pearl, Carat and Nuggets.

EyeSaaS Pearl: Stay in control of versioning and configuration of firmware on all devices.

EyeSaaS Carat: The customer’s user experience, analyzed. Find the pain points and solve them before the customer has time to complain.

EyeSaaS Nuggets: Just what you need–managed microservices that simplify processes and offload your team.

Learn more about EyeSaaS at eyesaas.com

Wifi Central: All About Wifi

Do you want to know more about wifi in general and home wifi in particular? See our open knowledge base Wifi Central, where we share tips, tricks, background information and tools for better wifi at home.

Wifi Central: All About Wifi

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Marketing Resources

We have high-resolution images and other resources that you can download and use in your own documentation and marketing for most of the wifi products we sell. Contact us if there is something you’re missing!

Marketing Resources

Customer Support For Our Wifi Solutions

Business customers can contact us at support@eyenetworks.no. If you are a consumer that has purchased products via dinwifi.no, contact privat-support@eyenetworks.no. If you are a consumer who has not bought your equipment directly from us, please contact your internet provider.

Airties Wifi Documentation

Eye Networks was previously the Norwegian distributor for wifi manufacturer Airties. We still have documentation about these products available here:

Airties Wifi Documentation