Meet Our Team

We are a geeky and cheerful bunch who enjoy digging up the best solutions for our customers.

Management Team

Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye Networks CEO & Founder

Jan Pedro Tumusok

CEO and Founder

Section Manager R&D & ITS

Linda Firveld, COO at Eye Networks

Linda Firveld

Co-CEO and COO

Section Manager Logistics, Sales & Marketing

Geir Arne Rimala, Eye Networks CTO

Geir Arne Rimala


Section Manager Engineering & Support

Tabita Hildebrandt, Eye Networks CAO

Tabita Hildebrandt

CAO and Financial Controller


Anne Line Kvernmo, Customer Success Manager, Eye Networks

Anne Line Kvernmo

Customer Success Manager

Sales & Marketing Section

Espen Nordhaug, system specialist, Eye Networks

Espen Nordhaug

Systems Specialist

R&D & ITS Section

Ian Martin Aydin


R&D & ITS Section

Jakop Strand, Eye Networks Customer Support Consultant

Jakop Strand

Sales & Customer Support

Sales & Marketing Section

Jorunn Danielsen, Eye Networks Senior Digital Communications Specialist

Jorunn Danielsen

Senior Digital Communications Specialist

Sales & Marketing Section

Jørund Kvamen

Jørund Kvamen

Service Provider Specialist

Lasse Bangshaug, Eye Networks Warehouse

Lasse Bangshaug

Customer Delivery Manager Warehouse

Lucas G. Vaz


Dr. Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh, Senior R&D Engineer

Dr. Maghsoud Morshedi

Senior R&D Engineer

Michael Aguilar, Eye Networks Sales Account Manager

Michael Telvik Aguilar

Inside Sales Manager

Mikko Kivilinna

Mikko Kivilinna

Regional Sales Manager

Suleiman Shire Mohamed


Sverre Steinsland, Eye Networks Warehouse

Sverre Steinsland

Receipts Manager Warehouse

Torfinn Halmøy, senior technical product expert, Eye Networks

Torfinn Halmøy

Senior Technical Product Specialist

Engineering & Support Section

Photography: Katrine Lunke