Meet The Eye Networks Team

We are happy geeks who enjoy finding good solutions for our customers. (Photography: Katrine Lunke)

Management Team

Jan Pedro Tumusok

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Pedro founded Eye Networks in 2005 with a clear goal: Delivering professional solutions to ISPs of all sizes. His background includes working as the CTO of Zyxel Norway and Sigma Systems.

Pedro is central to all technical developments in the company and is the architect behind the EyeSaas service platform. He is a geek to the core, follows his fields of expertise intently and often shares knowledge with colleagues, customers and collaborators.
Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye Networks CEO & Founder

Linda Cecilie Firveld

Chief Operating Officer
Linda is responsible for our day-to-day operations together with Pedro. Her focus is on the operational and commercial customer delivery and experience, end-to-end.

Linda leads the customer response team, is responsible for sales, customer delivery and product, including commercial development of new products and services in Eye Networks. She always has 110 things going on, sees possible solutions where others see implementation issues and is passionate about delivering the best and most relevant solutions on the market. This is why she is also in charge of the EyeSaaS business unit.

Linda joined Eye Networks in 2008, and she has more than twenty years of experience with sales and commercialization of technology and services in the telecoms industry.
Linda Firveld, Eye Networks COO

Geir Arne Rimala

Chief Technology Officer
Geir Arne is an expert in IP networks, internet services and Wi-Fi and an experienced solver of customer problems. He is also both pedagogically gifted and equipped with more patience than the rest of us combined, and he is therefore a popular course leader and speaker.

Geir Arne joined Eye Networks in 2012, with experience from Zyxel, Ventelo and Broadnet, among others.
Geir Arne Rimala, Eye Networks CTO

Tabita Hildebrandt

Financial Controller & Chief Administrative Officer
Tabita is our CAO and financial controller, follows up all Eye Networks suppliers and generally ensures that Things Are As They Should. She combines complete control of numbers, regulations, and procedures with a contagious good mood. Tabita is also responsible for the company's eco lighthouse compliance.

Tabita joined Eye Networks in the autumn of 2017, with extensive accounting experience from Zyxel, Joyn Management, Wilhelmsen Ship Management and Folkeuniversitetet.
Tabita Hildebrandt, Eye Networks CAO

Sales and Marketing

Anne Line Kvernmo

Customer Success Manager
What title do you give someone who, asked about their main driving force at work, answers: "I like to make others better!"

Anne Line quite naturally became our first ever customer success manager and is part of our customer response and sales teams, where she makes good use of both her technical background, project management skills, positive attitude, and infectious laugh.

Anne Line's education is in systems engineering, and she has worked in IT and user assistance in the public sector for a number of years.

Anne Line joined the Eye Networks team in spring 2022 and is now our eyes and ears in the southwest from her home office in Karmøy.
Anne Line Kvernmo, Customer Success Manager, Eye Networks

Michael Telvik Aguilar

Inside Sales Manager
Michael is responsible for a number of our larger customers and is part of our customer response team. Like everyone on the team, he works on what is in demand at all times. He has extensive experience within sales and services, and is passionate about solving the problems you as a customer want us to address.

Michael has an education in media and communication, and he is responsible for the videos you find on our website.

Michael has worked at Eye Networks since 2015.

Michael Aguilar, Eye Networks Sales Account Manager

Mikko Kivilinna

Regional Sales Manager
Mikko is responsible for the sales office of our subsidiary Eye Networks Oy in Helsinki, Finland. His key concentration area is ISP Solutions Sales in Finland and Sweden, and he is also the point of contact for the EU market. Mikko joined the Eye Networks team during the summer of 2021 and has been working with us since 2018 on several customer projects.

By education Mikko is an Automation Engineer, and his experience with telecommunications goes back to 1995. He has a wide-ranging skill set and capably handles everything from sales strategy creation to hands-on technical support.
Mikko Kivilinna

Jorunn Danielsen

Information Architect
Jorunn is responsible for all of our websites and documentation at Eye Networks. She has extensive experience in documentation, product development and e-learning, is a serious word nerd and dedicated to ensuring that all of our communications are clear, helpful, and well structured.

Jorunn joined Eye Networks in 2015, with experience from Cisco, Mintra Trainingportal and Opera Software, among others.

Jorunn Danielsen Newth, Eye Networks Information Architect


Sverre Steinsland

Receipts Manager Warehouse
Sverre keeps track of our warehouse in Ryensvingen, takes care of incoming goods and quality assurance for outgoing deliveries. As a former carpenter, he is also the office handyman.

Sverre has worked at Eye Networks since 2010.
Sverre Steinsland, Eye Networks Warehouse

Lasse Bangshaug

Customer Delivery Manager Warehouse
Lasse works closely with the sales department and is responsible for pre-configuration of devices for customers, and ensures that deliveries go out to customers as ordered and on time. He is also responsible for fulfillment handling.

Lasse has been part of the Eye Networks team since 2019.
Lasse Bangshaug, Eye Networks Warehouse

R&D, Engineering & Support, Integrated Technology Systems

Dr. Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh

Senior R&D Engineer
Maghsoud is the product line manager for EyeSaaS Carat and a vital member of our R&D section.

Maghsoud came to Eye Networks in 2017 as our very first PhD candidate. In 2021 he completed his industry PhD, a collaboration between UiO and Eye Networks, on measuring and predicting the quality of wireless connections.
Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh, Eye Networks Industry PhD Candidate

Torfinn Halmøy

Senior Technical Product Expert
New technology and quality products make Torfinn starry-eyed, whether it be access points, wrist watches, or speakers.

He is a networking geek with long experience working for operators, focused in particular on wifi and CPE. Torfinn enjoys contributing to new technology being put to use for people's benefit.

At Eye Networks he advises customers pre sales on product selection and solution design, assists with system and solution training and provides technical support internally and externally.

Torfinn started working for Eye Networks in December 2021, with a background from Get and Telia.
Torfinn Halmøy, senior technical product expert, Eye Networks

Jørund Kvamen

Service Provider Specialist
Jørund is our man on the west coast. From his office in Førde he works on his main mission - helping ISPs get up and running quickly and correctly with our solutions.

Jørund has extensive experience with operator work and is the troubleshooter you want around when something goes wrong.
He assists customers and colleagues alike with generosity and technical skill.

Jørund started working for Eye Networks during spring of 2021, with a background from service provider Enivest.
Jørund Kvamen

Espen Nordhaug

System Specialist
Espen is a dyed in the wool nerd whose heart beats for system administration and development. He is as comfortable out sailing as behind the admin panels on dry land.

At Eye Networks Espen is responsible for making sure all of our IT systems work and progress alongside the rest of the organization, and accommodate for further innovation and business development.

Espen came to Eye Networks in December 2021, coming from a backgroun as a systems developer and project manager for several telecom and technology businesses and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
Espen Nordhaug, system specialist, Eye Networks

Jakop Strand

Customer Success Agent
Jakop is part of our customer response team, and if you call or email for support, you will probably get Jakop on the line or in your inbox. He is committed to providing correct and helpful information and documentation that solves the customer's problems. No problem is too big or too small for Jakop, who works under the guidance of CTO Geir Arne.

Jakop has a background in ICT and has been with Eye Networks since 2019.
Jakop Strand, Eye Networks Customer Support Consultant
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