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Eye Networks delivers quality assured network solutions and services to ISPs and other telecom organization in Norway and the Nordics. Our core expertise is home networks, Wi-Fi, and tools for administration and analytics.

Wi-Fi 6 Has Arrived

Wi-Fi 6 is now steaming ahead. We already have Zyxel's first fiber gateway with 10 Gbps uplink and 4x4 802.11ax in stock, and multiple other Wi-Fi 6 products will become ready to order throughout 2020.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is a certification from the industry organization WiFi Alliance. 6 stands for 6th generation of wireless internet, and corresponds to the new wireless standard 802.11ax.

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What Is So Exciting About Wi-Fi 6?

The main reason that so many of us are excited about the new standard is the promise of higher efficiency--it is frequently referred to as "high efficiency wireless"--and the fact that this standard includes both frequency bands.

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Handpicked Network Solutions

We resell products and services from leading suppliers such as AirTies, Axiros, CTS and Zyxel. Our product range for business customers can be found in our webshop Telecomshop. fra Eye Networks

Analytics and Administration

EyeSaaS Carat and Pearl are cloud services that provide you as an ISP with insight into the user experience and control of customer-premises equipment. EyeSaas is our international suite of services for ISPs.

AirTies Smart Wi-Fi

AirTies boligpakke: Mesh-nettverk rett ut av boksen
Eye Networks is the sole Norwegian distributor for AirTies Wireless Systems products-the best Wi-Fi option for homes and small businesses.
Visit our information pages about AirTies Smart Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Central

Wi-Fi Central is our open knowledge base of tips, tools and background information on how to get the best Wi-Fi at home.
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Industry Resources

We organize customer and partner events and webinars and create different resources that our customers and other industry people and geeks can make use of.

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Research and Development

We work closely with several international R&D communities and organizations and like to involve our customers in innovation projects.
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