AirTies Network Visualizer: An App for Professionals

The app AirTies Network Visualizer is a mapping and troubleshooting tool for professional installers and technical staff with the ISP/reseller.

AirTies Network Visualizer is a tablet app that visualizes network quality and problems and simplifies wireless network troubleshooting. It is more advanced than the general AirTies WiFi app.

1. Get Access

AirTies only allows professional installers and ISP staff to use this app.

Eye Networks business customers can contact us and provide us with the name, title, and email addresses of employees who need app access.

Send your request to We will forward this information to AirTies and let you know when access has been granted.

2. Download AirTies Network Visualizer

AirTies Network Visualizer app logo

The app is available for iOS og Android. Note that the Android app only works on tablets, and that the iOS app works better with an iPad, although it is supported by some iPhone models.

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

3. Get Started

AirTies Network Visualizer screenshot

Remember that you have to log in using the same email address that you provided to AirTies.

The app automatically detects and visualizes the network topology.

The network map shows connections and speeds both between each mesh node and between each node and the connected clients. You will see both the bitrate and the signal strength.

The app also displays the airtime usage registered by each mesh node.

(You can read more about airtime here: Bad Apple: How a single device with bad coverage can kill your Wi-Fi)

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