AirTies as an access point without mesh

In small homes, a single access point from AirTies can be enough to provide good coverage and performance, given the right house layout and placement of the device.

AirTies mesh or access point?

AirTies access points can be used in two different ways:

  • In mesh networks where multiple access points are interconnected. This is what you get with the AirTies home pack, or by connecting several access points yourself. This is the solution we recommend for the vast majority of homes. See Installing The AirTies Home Pack.
  • As the only wireless access point in the home, as described on this page. The wireless radio in the router should then be switched off completely to avoid interference.

(The Air 4920 can also be used as a repeater or extender for the existing wireless router. This does not apply to Air 4930. See Using the AirTies Air 4920 as a Wi-Fi Repeater.)

Setting up the AirTies Air 4920 or 4930 as an access point

  1. Unpack the access point and remove all protective plastic.
  2. Connect to power and use the Ethernet cable supplied to connect the access point directly to the router or to a network port on the wall.
  3. Turn the access point on, and wait for both light signals to be green.

The Network name (SSID) and password are printed on the sticker on the bottom of the device. If you want to change these, see Find and change the network name and password for AirTies Wi-Fi.

Placing the Access Point

The coverage area around the access point is spherical. It is therefore smart to place it as centrally as possible in your home.

As always with wireless access points, it should also be placed as high up and with as few physical obstructions as possible for the Wi-Fi signals.

Never place a wireless access point behind TV or other electronics.

Leave the access point upright, or attach it to the wall with an AirTies mounting bracket / wall mount, making sure that the vents are not covered or sealed.

Turn Off Other Wireless Networks

To avoid interference from other networks and gadgets connecting to the wrong one, we strongly recommend that you turn off any other wireless networks in your home, including the one that is probably part of your router.

In many cases, you can do this yourself using a web page for the router, but you may also need to contact your internet service provider to get your other wireless network(s) turned off.

AirTies WiFi App

Get The AirTies WiFi app to change the SSID and password, see the speed of the connections between clients and access points, set up a guest network and so on.

Extending Your Network

Larger homes or homes with more demanding layouts will usually need more than one access point. You can create a mesh network at any time by adding one or more new access points from AirTies.

See how here: Extending Your AirTies Network with Additional Devices