OBOS OpenNet chooses eero: – We will excel in wifi

Text: OBOS OpenNet Chooses eero for Service Providers. Pictures of Bjørn Isaksen, OBOS OpenNet and Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye Networks. Says Bjørn Isaksen: Today's housing cannot offer yesterday's technology. Says Jan Pedro Tumusok: eero is wifi right out of the tap. Just connect to power and download the app. Logos from Eye Networks and eero, an Amazon company

OBOS OpenNet is the first broadband operator in Norway to sign an agreement for the use of wifi and insight tools from Amazon company eero. The equipment is supplied by Eye Networks.

Oslo, May 2, 2022

– When you turn the tap on, water should flow, and if you switch on the router, network connections should be available. Access to water, electricity and internet are basic needs in a home. If any of this fails, we have in reality failed to deliver basic services, says Bjørn Isaksen, general manager of OBOS OpenNet.

Therefore, the company’s most important requirement for network equipment in apartments is, in short, that it has to work.

Plug and Play

– eero is wifi out of the tap. Plug in the power cable and download the mobile app, and the rest will take care of itself, promises Eye Networks CEO Jan Pedro Tumusok.

The company has the exclusive right to distribute eero to Norwegian broadband providers. OBOS OpenNet is the first operator in Norway to sign an agreement on the use of wifi and insight tools from the Amazon company.

The solution combines eero’s market-leading wifi devices with tools for analysis, administration and support. Put together, this enables OBOS OpenNet to deliver user-friendly wifi.

– The decision OBOS OpenNet made when they chose eero demonstrates great insight into the challenges a modern operator has when it comes to delivering rock solid wifi to end users. The fact that they are the first operator in Norway to do so also says a lot about their attitudes and the place good user experiences have at OBOS OpenNet, says Tumusok.

– Today’s homes cannot offer yesterday’s technology. This tool enables us to excel on the wifi front, so that end users never have to think about a lack of coverage or speed at home, says Isaksen.

The rollout is underway

The first housing associations have already installed wifi from eero, and more are being planned and rolled out.

– The wifi solution from eero has hidden properties, and can also be a hub in the smart home. First of all, we still choose to focus on ensuring good customer experiences together with OBOS OpenNet, says Tumusok in Eye Networks.

More about eero for Service Providers delivered by Eye Networks.

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