eero home wifi system - Mobile App In Complete Control

The key to setting up wifi that just works is the eero mobile app. Simple to use for the end user, with dedicated features for the professional technician.

eero's app - Your Customers

The app is easy to find in Google Play and App Store - there is only a single eero app per platform, but as customers log in, they will see your logo if they have one or more eero devices connected to your instance of eero Insight.

Dedicated Installer / Technician Tools

Do you have technicians in the field to perform installations or troubleshoot in customer homes? You can give them access to technician features int he app that simplify network setup and transfer to customer.

This access control is done in eero Insight.

Self-Service Installations In Record Time

The app can also help home users set up their first eero device in no time, or join multiple eero devices in a mesh network.

The app guides the customer safely through setup and prevents them from placing devices where coverage will be insufficient.

Network Management For The End User

Using the app, the customer will get an overview of their own network - connected clients, running speed tests, checking quality of connections between mesh nodes, and so on.

Using the service eero Secure, users can also set up profiles for different family members with limited access schedules, or block specific URLs.

Troubleshoot And Problem Solve

Does the customer have a stubborn robot vacuum that refuses to connect to wifi? A printer that can't see the network? The eero app comes with built-in tools to help deal with problematic clients. (You can read more about how to use them here.)

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