Setting up a guest network with AirTies Wi-Fi

A guide to setting up an additional wireless network with a separate SSID and password for your guests.

There are several good reasons to set up an additional Wi-Fi network for guests at home:

  • You can keep the password on your main wireless network secret.
  • Visitors are unable to access the main network.
  • You can easily change the password on the guest network without affecting your own equipment, and you don't have to reconfigure everything when the password is changed.

Set up a guest network using the AirTies WiFi app

This procedure assumes that you have already downloaded and set up AirTies WiFi for iOS or Android. If you are not able to or do not wish to install the app, see the steps for creating a guest network without the app below.

  1. Launch the app
  2. Select Guest Network from the menu
  3. Click the slider to turn on the guest network
  4. Choose a name (SSID) for your guest network and give it a password.
  5. Press Apply.

Video: Set up a guest network without the app

Step by step: Setting up a guest network via web

  1. Connect a PC, tablet, or mobile phone to your wireless network using the default SSID and password.
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Type "http://air4920.local/" (or "http://air4930.local/") in the address bar.
  4. Log in (the default password is blank) and navigate to "Wireless-Wireless Settings" in the menu (1.13). (Advanced Settings-Wireless-Advanced Setup 1.21)
  5. Check "Enable". Enter the desired name of the guest network under "Primary SSID". Select encryption and set a password. Tap Save. We do not recommend having an open guest network, as it will become available to anyone within the reach of your home network.
  6. You have now set up one additional network for frequency 2.4 GHz and must do the same for 5 GHz.
  7. At the top of the page select tap on the WLAN 2 (5 GHz) tab and follow step 5 on this page and Use the same SSID, encryption, and password settings.
  8. You may lose contact with your AirTies devices while the settings are being transferred and synced with the other devices. This can take up to 5 minutes depending on how many devices are connected in the mesh.
You can also set up a guest network using the web interface

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