Extending eero wifi With Additional Mesh Devices

Both eero 6 and eero Pro 6 can act on their own as routers, or as a mesh network with several interconnected eero devices.

With a mesh network you can distribute several eero devices in your home to get wireless coverage everywhere. Every device in the network has the same signin credentials, and users will automatically connect to the device giving them the best connection.

  • The eero mobile app helps you verify the placement of every eero device.
  • eero 6 and eero Pro 6 can be used in the same mesh network.
  • There is no upper limit on the number of eero devices in a mesh network.

The steps are the same whether you are starting out with a single eero device or you are adding to an existing mesh network.

If you have yet to install your first eero device, please see Installing eero wifi before starting on the instructions below.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the eero mobile app.
  2. Under Home (the screen that opens automatically on signin), press the blue plus button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Add or Replace eero Devices from the menu that pops up.
    • Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your phone/tablet, and give the eero app access to Bluetooth when prompted.
  4. Press Add eero Device.
  5. Unpack the eero device, place it where you want it, and connect it to power
  6. Keep going through the setup steps in the eero app. It will help you adjust placement as you go, but make a note of the following:
    • Do not place devices where coverage is already poor, but within good signal range from at least one other eero in the mesh network.
    • Do not place eero devices behind the television, speakers, or other potential obstacles to wifi signals.
  7. When placement is final, select in the app where in the home your device is located. (This will make it easier to tell the devices apart, for example if you need to troubleshoot something later.)
  8. Are you adding more devices?
    • If yes: Press Add Another Device and start at step 5 with the next device.
    • If no: Press Finish Setup.
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