Net at Once launches eero wifi service

Pictures of Stefan Johanson, CEO Net at Once and Jan Pedro Tumusok, CEO Eye Networks. Quotes from the press release. Logos from Eye Networks and eero

This month, Net at Once launches their new eero wifi service. The service provider is the first in Sweden to enter an agreement with Amazon company eero.

– This is quite simply the best wifi we could choose to offer our customers. The ease of use is unparalleled, and the wifi performance is second to none, says Stefan Johansson, CEO at Net at Once.

eero for Service Providers (ESP) is a total solution that combines eero’s market-leading wifi devices with the tools service providers need for network support, management, and analytics. As a company that prides itself on a high level of wifi expertise, Net at Once is excited to get their hands on this solution.

Global Product, Local Service

– ESP enables us to offer local support and expertise for a globally renowned product, says Johansson.

ESP is delivered to Net at Once by Eye Networks, the Nordic distributor for eero for Service Providers.

– We are very excited to have Net at Once on board as our first Swedish eero customer and work with them on bringing this product to market, says Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye Networks CEO.

Fast, Scalable, And Future Forward

– Work, entertainment, education—today’s consumers put their wireless networks to the test daily. eero wifi is a shortcut to making sure they keep passing that test, continues Tumusok.

eero devices come with both router functionality, Wi-Fi 6 and TrueMesh, eero’s own, uniquely scalable mesh technology. Setting up a wireless network of one or multiple eero devices is fast and efficient with eero’s mobile app. The ease of installation has impressed Net at Once.

– eero ticks every box, from the elegant look and feel of the devices to the smooth setup process and seamless support integration. We are very excited to be launching this as a truly premium wifi service, says Johansson.

About Net at Once

Net at Once started as an Internet service provider in 1997 and today serves consumers, housing associations, municipalities, and businesses all over Sweden. Net at Once provides its customers with a wide selection of Internet and phone services, in high quality networks with their own infrastructure, and through collaborations with partners to meet market needs.

About Eye Networks

Eye Networks was founded in 2005 as a telecom systems integrator and reseller on a quest for the perfect at-home internet experience. The company offers services, hardware solutions, and domain expertise to Norwegian and Nordic broadband service providers with a focus on wifi and analytics. The company headquarters are in Oslo, Norway.

About eero

The first mesh home wifi system, eero blankets any home in reliable and secure wifi. Available through participating retailers and internet service providers, eero is simple to set up, even easier to
manage, and improves over time with regular, automatic software updates. Founded in San Francisco in 2014 by Amos Schallich, Nate Hardison, and Nick Weaver. eero is an Amazon company.

Points of Contact

For more information, please reach out to:

Stefan Johansson, CEO/VD, Net at Once / +46 70 834 72 00

Linda Firveld, COO, Eye Networks / +47 980 37 109