How to Use the AirPort App for iOS as a Wi-Fi Scanner

AirPort Utility as a wifi scanner. Illustration of iOS device with AirPort app icon

Here’s how you can use the AirPort app for iPhone and iPad to scan the area for wireless networks and see which channels are in use.

These steps work with iOS8 and later.

Setting up the AirPort App

  1. Download AirPort from the App store.
  2. Go to Settings > Airport and turn on Wi-Fi Finder.
    screenshot: enabled wifi scanner

Using AirPort for Wi-Fi Scans

  1. Start Airport
    1. Tap Wi-Fi Search
    2. Tap Search
      Screenshot: Airport utility
  2. Tap a specific network to see saved search results for the wireless network.
    screenshot: list of networks
    screenshot: search results

More about Wi-Fi scanning

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Article by Jan Pedro Tumusok and Sverre Steinsland (illustrations)