– Carat Takes Customer Success to the Living Room

Johnny Vassli Hansen, head of the Tussa communications department

To Norwegian broadband provider Tussa, the analytics tool EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote is worth its weight in gold. – It shows us what to do to optimize the customer’s mesh network performance, says Johnny Vassli Hansen from Tussa.

Broadband provider Tussa has rolled out 2500 kilometers of fiber cables in the region of southern Sunnmøre. At the beginning of 2021 they covered 90% of households in the area, and still the ambition is to reach even more. The locals, like most Norwegians, want fiber. So far Tussa has made that dream come true for more than 12,500 customers.

The company started investing in fiber about 11 years ago, and Eye Networks has been there all along.

– Our customer relationship goes way back, at least all the way back to 2005, says Johnny Vassli Hansen, head of the Tussa communications department.

Good Wi-Fi Crucial to the Customer Experience

Hansen uses the expertise on offer from Eye Networks to provide Tussa customer with an optimized experience.

– Our goal is to have happy customers – it’s that simple. But although that task is clearly defined, living up to the ambition is a complex undertaking. Customers are demanding, and so they should be. As networks have improved, customers have subscribed to higher speeds. But they don’t need those speeds delivered to a wall outlet, they need it on their computer, their TV, their mobile and their tablet, says Hansen.

This means that local homes need great Wi-Fi networks, because ultimately the wireless network determines the actual user experience.

– 150 Mbps delivered to a wall outlet won’t help you if your computer only reaches 2 Mbps, Hansen explains.

Improving Insight Into Wi-Fi

This has traditionally been a challenge for broadband providers: They have been in complete control of the network up to the point where it reaches the home. They have had minimal insight into what goes on with the network inside of those walls.

– It’s hard to live up to the promise of happy customers when you cannot verify that they get the experience they want. That experience is influenced by choices customers make inside of their homes. There are plenty of mistakes the average consumer can make along the way that will negatively affect network quality, and it only really takes one mistake for Wi-Fi to go from good to horrible, says Hansen.

Applying Artificial Intelligence

This is why EyeSaaS Carat simplifying the lives of broadband providers and their customers is gold to Tussa. Carat is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and understand the problems that arise in Wi-Fi networks.

– This is an indispensable tool for customer service. Since we started using Carat during autumn 2020, our service agents have been in a better position than ever to understand the questions customers ask. Often when customers call about a network issue, it turns out to be an issue with their Wi-Fi network that they were not aware of, explains Hansen.

– Other customers may present theories about what is causing the problems. We always listen carefully, but the customers might not be right in their assumptions. In these cases it is great to have a tool on hand that helps us identify and solve the customer’s problems, he continues.

Solving Problems Before They Are Discovered

Although Tussa has a “broadband patrol” that also uses Carat to further improve their accuracy, the tool is mostly used reactively by Tussa staff at this stage.

Going forward the plan is to also use the tool proactively – Tussa will identify and solve issues before customers get in touch about them.

– We will use Carat to work systematically. Only when we use it to catch problems before the customer complains are we making use of the real potential of this solution. Carat also gives us a 21 day historical log that lets us troubleshoot over time. Until now this has been a blind spot. Now we are replacing that blind spot with clarity of vision, says Hansen.

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(Photography: Marius Beck Dahle)