Who Needs Mesh Wifi?

Signs a home need mesh wi-fi: Large home, older children, streaming subscriptions, many devices, dead zones, fast broadband

A “cheat sheet” / quick overview for those of you talk to customers about wifi in the home: When is it right to recommend mesh wifi?

Recommend mesh wifi if the customer has

  • A large residence–or a complex layout, desire for wifi in the garage or annex, etc.
  • Problems with poor coverage and dead zones
  • Older children–the older kids get, the more demanding users they tend to become
  • Subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, or other streaming services
  • A high-speed internet connection, while unhappy with wireless performance
  • Many wireless gadgets in use at the same time

Do not recommend mesh if the customer has

  • A very small residence – 50-55 square meters or smaller
  • Very modest wifi usage habits, or usage is only close to the router
  • A very low-speed internet subscription

Let The Router Let Go Of Wi-Fi!

One router by itself cannot cover most homes with wireless access, or provide stable performance. Customers with wifi problems do not need bigger or stronger routers, but smarter wifi.

Mesh networks are the solution when the problem is wireless

Complete Coverage In No Time

A good mesh network spreads the coverage throughout the home, and all devices get the best possible connection, even when they are on the move–this is called client steering and band steering.

  • All devices and frequency bands get the same SSID and password
  • Very large or demanding home? Expand your network seamlessly with multiple mesh access points.

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