Who needs the AirTies Home Pack?

A "cheat sheet" / quick overview for everyone who discusses wireless at home with customers: When is it right to recommend AirTies Wi-Fi?

Recommend the AirTies Home Pack if your customer has any of the following:

  • A large residence – or a complex layout, desire for Wi-Fi in the garage or annex, etc.
  • Problems with poor coverage and dead zones
  • Older children – the older kids get, the more demanding users they tend to become
  • Subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, or other streaming services
  • A high-speed internet connection, while unhappy with wireless performance
  • Many wireless gadgets in use at the same time

Do not recommend the home pack if your customer has:

  • A very small residence – 50-55 square meters or smaller
  • Very modest wireless usage habits, or usage is only close to the router
  • A very low-speed internet subscription

The router can let go of Wi-Fi!

One router by itself cannot cover most homes with wireless access, or provide stable performance. Customers with wireless problems don't need bigger or stronger routers, they need smarter Wi-Fi.

AirTies Smart Wi-Fi is the solution when the problem is wireless.

Complete coverage in 1-2-3

The mesh network is already set up and works right out of the box. Smart Wi-Fi spreads coverage throughout your home, and all gadgets get the best possible connection, even when moving around.

More Information for the Technically Interested

  • The home pack contains three access points in a mesh network.
  • They support 802.11 ac, the fastest Wi-Fi standard in common usage today.
  • The network has client steering and band steering.
  • Both frequency bands and all access points share a common SSID and password.
  • For very large or demanding residences you can extend the network with additional devices.

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