AirTies Mesh Light Signals

The LEDs on the front of each access point tell you the status of the device and the network. Here you get an overview of the signals and recommended actions.
LED Color and pattern Status
None/Dark Device is turned off.
White constant lightThe device is turned on. If the device has just been turned on or rebooted, note that startup takes at least two minutes.
White Blinking The device is booting up and is not ready.
Green flashing 5 sec on 0.05 sec offWireless network is active and the device has a strong mesh connection
Red, constant light The wireless network is active, but all mesh connections are weak. Action: Move the device closer to another device in the mesh network for better connectivity.
Off/dark The wireless network is inactive or affected by temporary interference.
Green synchronized flashing WPS connection is in progress. This may take up to five minutes
Green light WPS connection succeeded. This status is temporary and lasts for about 5 seconds, before it changes to one of the following:
  • Green light, strong-signal mesh: no action required.
  • Red light, low-signal mesh: Move the device closer to another device in the mesh network.
Green synchronized flashing
4 seconds on 4 seconds off
The device has not been configured, has factory settings, and is not connected to your home network — for example, the first device is not connected by cable to the wireless router.
Actions: Set up your device as described in extending your AirTies network with an additional device.
Green constant light Wireless network is active, device is configured and not connected to the mesh. This device is your first access point (connected by cable to the router).
Red blink
1 second on
1 second off
The device is part of the mesh network, but cannot find any other devices.
Actions: Make sure all devices in the mesh network are turned on and positioned sufficiently close to each other.
Red WPS connection failed. This status is temporary and lasts about 5 seconds, before the LEDs return to the status they had before attempting a WPS connection.
Actions: Move the device closer to another device already in the mesh network, and then repeat the WPS connection attempt.

Problems with AirTies WiFi?

See also the article Troubleshooting an AirTies network.

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