Press Release: Introducing EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote

What if lousy home Wi-Fi could be identified and addressed before the user has time to call and complain? That is the premise of EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote.

The Analytics Service That Fixes Home Wi-Fi Problems Before Customers Complain

Oslo, Istanbul, and Hsinchu: EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote is an AI-driven analytics service that identifies problems with home Wi-Fi networks and makes automatic corrections where possible. It also presents the ISP with actionable reports for further action, from error correction to upsell opportunities.

Startup Lifemote and seasoned telecommunications reseller Eye Networks partnered in 2017 to bring the analytics service EyeSaaS Carat to market this year, and several European service providers have already signed on.

“We see that there is a need and enthusiasm for what we have to offer in the market,” says Linda Firveld, head of business development at Eye Networks.

“Once you see what Carat can show you, there is no going back. As a service provider, you need these insights to inform your decisions.”

New Zyxel Collaboration

Starting this month, the partners have also entered into a collaboration with Zyxel Communications, who will be integrating Carat into Zyxel customer premise equipment (CPE) to help ISP clients improve their Wi-Fi offerings.

“For ISPs, happy customers are the secret to achieving strong revenue,” says Chris Chou, associate vice president at Zyxel’s Broadband EMEA Business Unit.

“With the Wi-Fi analytics capabilities powered by Carat, we’re able to help ISPs eliminate Wi-Fi glitches in a smarter way and increase customer satisfaction with even better wireless experiences.”

How Carat Is Different

Several Wi-Fi analytics offerings are on the market or on their way, but Carat stands out in some important ways:

  • The analytics are driven by AI, but the AI is driven by deep domain knowledge. Lifemote and Eye Networks are experts on Wi-Fi and service providers, working closely with customers to ensure quality of service and continuously improve the algorithms and the overall product.
  • The data collection agent is vendor agnostic and has a minimal footprint, meaning it can fit on just about any gateway or access point, and won’t impact performance. The agent is also deployed in runtime without even rebooting the CPE, which means it can be deployed on existing devices in the field with little effort.
  • Beyond being a monitoring and analytics tool, Carat is a service delivered by PhD-level seasoned WiFi and network experts. Carat creates value by guiding the ISP through its digitization, cloud management and evolution of proactive support based on their new level of visibility into the customer’s quality of experience.

“At the moment, leading ISPs have excellent visibility right up to the home gateway, after which they’re effectively blind,” says Dr. Eren Soyak, Lifemote co-founder and CEO.

“We believe that 2019 will be the year they’ll finally start extending that crystal clear vision inside the home network.”

See Carat At BBWF 2018

Zyxel, Eye Networks, and Lifemote will be at this year’s Broadband World Forum in Berlin to present and demo the service to ISPs looking to improve Wi-Fi quality and reduce maintenance costs and customer churn. EyeSaaS Carat by Lifemote is only available in the EMEA region.

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