Eye Networks Headed Towards Record Turnover

Linda Firveld, COO at Eye Networks

Eye Networks has transformed themselves from a DSL-based business to a Wi-Fi leader. Now the company is looking forward to Wi-Fi 6 and a powerful technology shift.

Press release from Eye Networks,

With more than 100 customers all over the country, and a record turnover of over NOK 100 million in 2020, optimism is high in Eye Networks.

This is the third consecutive year that the turnover in the Oslo company with 12 employees is increasing significantly. These favorable numbers are the result of a targeted restructuring and change of focus.

“In 2015-2016, the industry was discussing the future of the copper network, and everyone understood that companies basing their livelihoods on DSL technology needed to renew themselves. We, however, were well prepared, because we had been planning our focus on Wi-Fi for years already,” says COO Linda Firveld of Eye Networks.

Becoming Experts

Old broadband technology was replaced by new technology that gave people faster broadband connections at home.

– More powerful broadband connections in the homes put more strain on the wireless home networks. We realized that this was going to be a problem and that the broadband providers were not well prepared. We decided to become the ones to solve this problem for the industry, she continues.

Enhancing the Wi-Fi Experience

We are the best in the country on analyzing, understanding and improving the Wi-Fi experience. Now we are looking forward to Wi-Fi 6, a technology that involves, among other things, higher transmission rates, less latency, and room for more devices on the network. We will make sure that broadband providers benefit from this from the get go,” says Firveld.

This ongoing technology shift was an occasion for Eye Networks to look into the supplier situation.

“In order to continue to renew ourselves, we must also look at the product portfolio. We have decided to continue our close working relationships with long-term partners such as Zyxel and Lifemote, while we will end our partnership with AirTies at the end of this year,” she says.

“No decisions apply forever, of course we will keep making assessments of the supplier market in the future as well. But here and now this choice is the right one for us,” says Firveld.

READY FOR Wi-Fi 6: Eye Networks has been through a successful restructuring. Now Linda Firveld and her colleagues are making Wi-Fi 6 plans. (Photo: Katrine Lunke/Apeland)

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