Wifi Quiz 2023: Answer Key

On a colorful background, the words "wifi quiz 2023" in large white letters and a heart-shaped wifi signal symbol. A logo from Eye Networks

Here are all the correct answers to the wifi quiz from TelecomWorld 2023. How many did you get?

  1. What is 802.11ax also known as?
  2. What is the name of the mesh standard that is certified by the WiFi Alliance?
  3. How many frequency bands will Wi-Fi 7 cover?
  4. When is World Telecom Day?
    • May 17
  5. On which frequency band do the signals have the longest range?
  6. What does Wi-Fi stand for?
  7. How far was the longest measured wifi signal?
  8. This glamorous Hollywood star also invented frequency hopping, which later helped lay the foundation for wifi
  9. What is the name of Eye Networks’ open knowledge base about wifi?