Reset an AirTies Access Point (to factory default)

If you are struggling to get AirTies access points to mesh with each other, they may need a reset to defaults. This is how to do it.

Need to start over? This is how to return an AirTies access point to factory default by using the Reset feature.

To reset a device to factory default:

  1. Use the end of a metal paper clip, plastic toothpick, or similar.
  2. Push this pointy object down the hole marked "RESET" on the back of the access point and hold it for 5 seconds.
  3. Once the process has been initiated, the LEDs on the front of the access point will briefly flicker, and the device will reboot within 3 minutes.
The Reset button is located inside a hole on the back of each device.

This resets the device to original factory defaults, meaning that devices that came in a home pack, will still be meshed with each other after a reset, while any additional access points must be re-added to the mesh after a reset.

See also Extending Your AirTies Wi-Fi Network with Additional Access Points.

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