Enivest Looks To The Future

Service provider Enivest and selected customers will be test pilots in a new project. The goal is a painless, future-forward wireless network at home.

Norwegian company Eye Networks is behind the eye@home pilot project, in which Enivest is a central partner. The project combines a professional home solution for wireless networks with a cloud-based service that Eye Networks is now developing for service providers.

In this way, the customer gets better coverage and stability, while Enivest gets better tools for customer support, maintenance and further development of its own services.

A common problem for service providers today is that when the customer is on the line and says “the internet is not working”, customer support does not have good enough tools to see or test for themselves what the problem is with the customer’s wireless network.

Enivest At The Forefront

Enivest sees that as their customers connect more and more machines and gadgets to the wireless network in the home, the wireless access can be less stable and the speed more uneven.

In the future, more and more things will have a component that will communicate via the Internet. The home network must be smart enough to adapt to users, services and things as they connect to each other. This is how you prepare for future-oriented services. Enivest wants to be an early mover in creating a better offer for users.

— The home network should now handle film transmission, games, video calls and music playback throughout the house and preferably on the terrace – simultaneously. Fiber and other forms of broadband have also contributed to the demand that home users place on wireless networks at home in recent years, says Linda Firveld from Eye Networks.

— That is why we invest in professional solutions for the home, and why we are developing a service platform and have this pilot project, Firveld continues.

Eye Networks has specialized in delivering quality-assured network solutions to service providers in Norway. Enivest has been our customer since we started in 2005 and was a natural choice as a partner when Eye Networks started developing our own services.

— Enivest is the perfect collaboration partner for us, says Firveld.

She emphasizes that Enivest is known for a strong ability to innovate and a burning commitment to constantly developing quality services with good user experiences. The size and proximity to the customers that Enivest has also contributed to making them particularly well suited for this pilot project.

Unique Collaboration

The project has also involved Professor Josef Noll at the University of Oslo, an expert in wireless technology and security. – Three aspects make this project very exciting for us: We get really high bandwidth over the wireless links, we get insight into where most people have problems with wireless technology, and we are opening up new areas for us to use the technology as mobile people with all the gadgets that want to go online, says Noll.

In addition to the eye@home partners, Eye Networks also works closely with AirTies, the manufacturer of the wireless home solution, to ensure good and secure communication between the technology in the home and the service provider.

— It is completely unique that we have so many parts of the value chain involved in the project, in addition to the research element. This is really exciting, says Linda Firveld.

Europe Next

The need for services that facilitate the home network of the future is great, also outside of Norway.

— We are targeting an international market, with Europe as the first stop – after Sogn og Fjordane, says Firveld. EyeSaaS is designed and developed with the international market in mind. It is natural to choose a Norwegian cooperation partner during the development, as Norway is very far ahead when it comes to the use of broadband. What happens in Norway is implemented a few years later in the rest of the world.

About the partners in eye@home

Eye Networks AS

Network specialists and developers of the new service platform EyeSaaS. Dealer of quality-assured network equipment and solutions for Norwegian service providers such as Enivest.

Established in 2005.


Experienced service provider with main offices in Førde. Delivers broadband in the region to private individuals and businesses and has invested heavily in fiber to the home.

Established in 2000.

The University of Oslo by Professor Josef Noll

Professor Josef Noll specializes in security in mobile and wireless networks. At UiO, Noll is in the Research Group for Networks and Distributed Systems at the Department of Computer Science.

Noll is also the leader of the research project IoTSec – Security in IoT for Smart Grids and for the Basic Internet Foundation.

About the Technology

AirTies Wireless Access Points

AirTies Air 4920 is a wireless access point that is delivered in sets of three or more. The access points create a network between them, which provides stable coverage over several floors and large surfaces. Many problems users experience with speed actually come from insufficient coverage. AirTies Air 4920 ensures that every device or machine in the home automatically connects to where the coverage is best.

EyeSaaS Cloud-Based Service Platform

Eye Networks develops the platform EyeSaaS and the service Pearl to give service providers such as Enivest better tools. EyeSaaS Pearl will, among other things, allow Enivest to keep the firmware on the AirTies boxes up to date, help customers troubleshoot if there is a problem with the wireless network, and gain insight into the amount of traffic and performance on the network.