About Eye Networks

Eye Networks handpicks, configures, qualifies, and resells products and services from leading vendors worldwide to ISPs and other telecommunications professionals in Norway and the Nordic countries.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are quality conscious, knowledge based service providers who keep one eye on today's network and the other on the needs for tomorrow. They are demanding, and we like that! We collaborate closely and well with both vendors and customers.

Most of our customers are Norwegian internet service providers or installation companies, but the number of industry customers outside of Norway is growing, and so is the number of customers who are not traditional telecom companies.

What do we do for our customers?

Our goal is provide you with solutions and expertise that save you resources and concerns over time, and that let you provide a good and consistent user experience to your customers.

You can see our product catalog in Telecomshop, our webshop for Norwegian industry customers. Other products and solutions can be provided as needed, and we love problem solving -- get in touch and let us know what you need to get done, and we will get on with finding you the right solution!

More information about customer relations, purchasing and terms are in Telecomshop for our Norwegian customers:

You can read more about our knowledge network, research, and partners here.

Every spring we gather customers, vendors and others from this network to Shared Insights, a social and professional get-together focused on exchanging knowledge and experiences, an event we all appreciate greatly.

EyeSaaS Pearl and Carat are our cloud services for ISPs, which we develop and deliver in close collaboration with leading international teams.

We are Eye Networks

We are a geeky and cheerful bunch who enjoy digging up the best solutions for our customers. As in most smaller companies, most of us have a single title, but wear a lot of hats.

Jan Pedro Tumusok

CEO and Founder
Pedro founded Eye Networks in 2005 with a clear vision: Delivering professional solutions to ISPs of all sizes. Before starting Eye Networks, Pedro was the CTO of Zyxel Norway, and he has also worked for Sigma Systems.

Pedro has a central role in all of our technology development and is the architect behind the service platform EyeSaaS. He is a geek through and through, keeps a close eye on developments within his areas of expertise and shares his knowledge generously with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Jan Pedro Tumusok, Eye Networks CEO

Linda Cecilie Firveld

Chief Operating Officer
Linda is responsible for the commercial development of new products and services at Eye Networks. She always has 110 things on the go, sees potential solutions where others see implementation issues and is passionate about delivering the best and most relevant solutions.

Before joining Eye Networks in 2008, Linda was the sales manager for Zyxel Norway.

Linda Firveld, Eye Networks Head of Business Development

Geir Arne Rimala

Chief Technology Officer
Geir Arne's core expertise is in IP networks, internet services, and Wi-Fi. He is an experienced troubleshooter and solver of customer issues. Geir Arne also has pedagogical talents and more patience than the rest of us put together, making him a popular course instructor and presenter.

Geir Arne started working at Eye Networks in 2012, bringing with him experience from Zyxel, Ventelo, and Broadnet.

Geir Arne Rimala, Eye Networks CTO

Tabita Hildebrandt

Chief Administrative Officer
Tabita is our CAO and head of accounting, follows up on all of our vendors and generally makes sure that Things Are As They Should. She combines a total command of numbers, rules, and regulations with an infectiously good mood. Tabita is also responsible for our eco lighthouse certification and activities.
Tabita came to Eye Networks in 2017, bringing with her extensive accounting experience from companies including Zyxel, Joyn Management, Wilhelmsen Ship Management, and Folkeuniversitetet.
Tabita Hildebrandt, Eye Networks Office Manager

Michael Telvik Aguilar

Sales Consultant
Putting in a call to our office phone or sales team? Chances are you'll be talking to Michael

Michael has an education in media and communication and is responsible for all of our videos. He came to Eye Networks in 2015, bringing with him years of sales experience. Michael is also our point of contact for installers in the field.

Michael Telvik Aguilar, Eye Networks Sales Representative

Sverre Steinsland

Warehouse Lead
Sverre is responsible for our local warehouse, dealing with incoming and outgoing deliveries and pre-configuration of devices for customers. He is also in charge of testing returned units -- Sverre can spot a gateway that has been through a lightning storm with a blindfold on. As a former carpenter, Sverre is also our resident handyman and our only employee from the west coast.

Sverre has worked for Eye Networks since 2010.
Sverre Steinsland, Eye Networks Warehouse Lead

Jorunn Danielsen Newth

Information Architect
Jorunn is responsible for all of our websites, documentation, and marketing materials. She came to Eye Networks in 2015, bringing with her years of experience within documentation, product development, and e-learning, from companies including Cisco, Opera Software, and Mintra Trainingportal. She is a diehard language geek and concerned that any information we share should be clear, helpful, and well structured.
Jorunn Danielsen Newth, Eye Networks Information Architect

Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh

Industry PhD Candidate
Maghsoud came to Eye Networks during spring of 2017 as our very first industry PhD candidate. His PhD project revolves around methods for measuring and predicting wireless connection quality. The project will take four years, and is a collaboration between Eye Networks and the University of Oslo.

In addition to his PhD, Maghsoud works on EyeSaaS and is integral to our contribution in the European research project SCOTT – Secure COnnected Trusted Things.

Maghsoud Morshedi Chinibolagh, Eye Networks Industry PhD candidate

Stian Bangshaug

Customer Support Consultant
If you call or email any of our support services, Stian is probably your first point of contact.

Stian has been with Eye Networks since 2017.
Stian Bangshaug, kundestøttekonsulent i Eye Networks

Eye Networks AS
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Norge / Norway
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