Where to Get AirTies Wi-Fi in Norway

Below you will find Norwegian resellers and Internet Service Providers who offer AirTies Smart Wi-Fi to their customers. Get the home pack today and be done with dead zones and poor Wi-Fi!

The home pack with three wireless access points provides full coverage in the vast majority of homes. However, especially large houses and demanding layouts may require one or more additional access points to be added to the mesh network.

If you plan to install the home pack yourself, we recommend reading our guide to placing AirTies devices for optimal coverage and performance.

Webshops that sell AirTies home packs

AirTies access points are compact, efficient, and effective

Norwegian webshops that sell AirTies Wi-Fi products:

Netel shop: Order the home pack from Netel

Snorlaus webshop: Order the home pack from Snorlaus

ISPs that provide AirTies Wi-Fi

Many Norwegian ISPs offer AirTies products as part of a subscription service, or for sale. Get in touch with your ISP and ask them what they can offer!

3netAlta, Kautokeino, northern Troms
AdcomMøre og Romsdal
AltifiberAgder, Rogaland
Eidsiva BredbåndHedmark and Oppland
EnivestSogn og Fjordane
Get / Telia NorwayThe whole country
Hammerfest Energi BredbåndHammerfest, Forsøl and Rypefjord
HardangernettOdda and Sørfjorden
HomeNetThe whole country
Infonett RørosSør-Trøndelag and Helgeland
KvamnetKvam, Jondal and Samnanger
Midt ITSør-Trøndelag
NeasMøre og Romsdal
NextGenTelThe whole country
Romerike BredbåndAkershus
SognenettSogn og Fjordane
SucomMøre og Romsdal
Sund bredbåndRomsdal
SvorkaNordmøre, Sør-Trøndelag, and Østerdalen
TrollfjordVesterålen og Nord-Salten
TVECOEastern Norway
TussaSunnmøre and Hornindal
Verdal Kabel TVVerdal
Voss FiberVoss
ÅrdalsnettØvre Årdal, Årdalstangen, and Lærdal

Installation Companies

You can also get in touch with one of the installation companies that sell AirTies devices to get the solution installed for you in your home.

Eltel NetworksThe whole country
Fiber SørAgder
HTL ElektroAverøy og Elnesvågen
NetelThe whole country
TVECOEastern Norway
West ElektroMøre og Romsdal

Other Outlets

You can also stop by:

Eye Networks AS
Ryensvingen 2
0680 Oslo
Norge / Norway