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A Safe Choice For Fixed Wireless Access

The Norwegian 5G networks are owned by Telenor and Telia, who both have strict requirements and rules for providers who want to deliver wireless broadband services.

Eye Networks only delivers equipment that is compliant with national and international standards and network owner requirements.

5G and Fixed Wireless Access - a glossary

FWA, NR, ODU, IDU, standalone, non-standalone - there is no shortage of abbreviations and terms within the field of 5G. And what is the difference between fixed wireless and mobile broadband, exactly?
5G and Fixed Wireless Access - a glossary

Zyxel NR7101 5G ODU

Zyxel NR7101 Fixed Wireless Access Point
Zyxel's first outdoor unit (ODU) with support for 5G NR.

We Help You Get Started!

Unsure which access model and solution is right for your company? Reach out to our sales team - we will help you assess your needs and identify the resources required for your project.

Bundled up and ready to go

We can install the SIM card for you in each router or simply add it to the product bundle before shipping from our warehouse.
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5G vs 4G: What Is The Difference?

Installing An Outdoor Unit

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