Configuring Parental Control for Your AirTies Network

Parental control lets you decide which clients (computers, phones, and other gadgets) that get to connect to wireless internet, and when the network should be available.

For example, you may set up the control so that Wi-Fi is unavailable at night for some (or all) devices in the house. You can also specify that some devices should not get internet access at all.

To set up parental control:

  1. Launch the AirTies Wifi app (see how to get the AirTies WiFi app if you do not already have it installed).
  2. Go to Parental Control.
  3. Choose which client / devide the parental control should apply to.
  4. Trykk på knappen ved siden av Parental Control for å aktivere.Aktiver foreldrekontroll
    • Set the start and end times for internet access.
    • If you want the same settings to apply every day of the week, enable the setting Repeat Everyday.
    • If you do not want this device to have access to Wi-Fi at all, press  Disable Internet Access.
      parental control airties wifi skjermdump
  5. Press Done in the upper right hand corner when you have finished.

    Parental control requires firmware version or newer on your AirTies devices.

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